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Third funk album from the troglodyte giants from Sweden. M-Rock & wefunky Band blend tight go go funk, inspired and appreciated from Washington Dc, but with their own special Swedish smorgas funk. Boogie tracks, and heavy funk like the burner Larry, and Stomp your feet. Johanna Hjort shines on the sweet Tenderness, and Gonzo Reyes spits on Cashbah, and Ordinary funk people. Wefunky band consists of bonafide 100% funk fans from Sweden, dedicated to spread the word of funk and happiness! The best Swedish funk album, and M-Rock’s finest moment! The album is released on alla digital platforms as well as vinyl and cassette versions.  


CASHBAH – a tribute track to Gothenburgs #1 funk, hip hop and Släpp club

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZigfdwYxqU7U8HZHOnlS-A

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3iXsKZbIpEi42iwrs91U6c?si=v-tXbgWyQFKF568moTYoOw

Book live gigs: https://www.mcv.se/artister/m-rock/

M-rock Emrik live on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWnLeU6wKRs

Bandcamp: https://m-rock.bandcamp.com/album/cashbah-2022-ft-gonzo-reyes

The track is inspired by our numerous trips to London’s club scene, and also listening to P-funk, Trouble Funk, go-go funk from Washington DC.

Club Cashbah was one hell of a club, started by legends Sinclair and DJ Cosmic together with M-Rock Emrik -  positive integration, people from all around the world, young and old – the funk braksläpp!

The track features our percussion player and rapper from Chile: Gonzo Reyes

We used to run our club

With a friendly attitude and space

All kinds of people met yeah Cashbah

Was the place

Get ready for the release, digital and vinyl of our upcoming album CELEBRATION, drops on February 25.. pre order of the album will be made shortly!

Upcoming tour dates of Sweden:

Fasching-Sthlm – feb 25

Skottvångs gruva – feb 26

Nefertiti jazz club – Gothenburg – march 30

Our aim was be yourself with a freakish attitude

There was no stoppin us

Club Cashbah was  the code word


 Emrik M-Rock Larsson - legend, band leader and former singer in Stonefunkers – leads a live act you should never forget! M-Rock's digging for the ultimate FUNK groove and delivers a top class show, boosted by the super-tight Wefunky band. Photos by Johan Palmborg 


Booking: info@emrik.nu


Promotion:  anders@westinpromotion.com

Dec 4 - Clash party, Skeppet Gbg,  M-Rock guest

Dec 9 - Klimatpopkonsert - Skeppet Gbg, M-Rock guest

Dec 18 Xmas funk Blast out

Buy tickets here:


Fasching feb 25 buy tickets here: 


Skottvångs gruva feb 26


Nefertiti march 30



M-Rock & Wefunky band play their own material, Stonefunkers classics and their own interpretations of golden hits from disco, funk, soul and hip-hop.

M-Rock, with his band Stonefunkers, became pioneers in Sweden for funk and 

hip hop, and has inspired many of today's active artists. 

Stonefunkers had an exceptional Swedish and international career. Several

times the band was named Sweden's best live band for its energy and stage 


M-Rock & Wefunky bands follow this tradition to 100%, but tops off

immense musical virtuosity and luminosity to create one hell of a party! 

Milajki funky 

Photo Roine Lundström


Emrik M-Rock Larsson started out as a singer and bandleader of the powerhouse Swedish funk-hip-hop band Stonefunkers. They started their funk mission in 1988 with the single Turn it up. They released five albums, including the hit singles M-Rock theory, Can u follow, Funkadeena. The band toured around Europe for more than ten years and made a great impact on the Swedish funk and dance scene. Stonefunkers  were considered Sweden’s no 1 live band for many years. After a break up in 2001, Emrik made 4 albums in Swedish, the most successful being Lögnhalsen (2006). In 2010 Stonefunkers briefly reunited and Emrik got back to his funk roots. He first released the Funk Rock album AIRBORNE influenced by his skateboarding past. In 2014 M-ROCK & Wefunky Band  released their first funk album PHUNK OBSERVATORY; an album filled with funk, disco, boogie and hip-hop. 2016 the focus on heavy funk and groove was even more present with the release of THE COSMIC PHUNK SAGA CONTINUES. From 2017 to 2020 M-Rock released singles such as America, Party Zone and Staden vi älskar.  2021 M-Rock & Wefunky Band return with a full length album CELEBRATION. First up is the single Tenderness . M-Rock also works together with The Silvertwins of Funk Spotify Silvertwins of Funk 

On stage:

M-Rock – vox

Johanna Hjort - vox

Gonzo Reyes – vox, rap, percussion

Andy V – guitar, vox

Danny the dog Helgesen – keys , vox

Basberra – bass

Lade K Källfelt – drums


Here’s what funk man Jan Lumholdt says about the upcoming album:

Wefunky, youfunky, mefunky… George, Sly, James, Roger, Bootsy, Larry, even some Quincy… Shake n’ stir, soft, mellow, go-go, never so-so, always on the 1. Band tight, tasteful (lovely horns), leaving nothing or anything not to like here (check the instrumentals for more). 30+ years and counting since M-Rock L Supremo hit the scene. Here’s to the next 30 – see you down the road. 😎

Funkman Lummholdt - Lunda Topper, Class of ’89